How To Continue Receiving Updates For Windows XP

Microsoft has been dying to move people off of Windows XP for years now, and even though most respectable IT departments have upgraded to Windows 7 (and less respectable ones to Vista or Windows 8), Microsoft finally cut the cord on the significant number of people still using Windows XP back in April when they discontinued support and stopped providing updates for the highly popular operating system.

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Midweek Tidbit: My Rooted Android Phone Un-Rooted And I Can’t Re-Root It! Help!

This week’s Midweek Tidbit (As well as Monday’s article about jailbreaking/rooting, which you can read by clicking here) were the result of me fixing a problem I ran into with my own Android phone, which I had rooted when I got it. A software update was pushed to my phone around the beginning of January that un-rooted my phone, and for months, I thought I was stuck because no method I could find could restore my root access.

The answer turned out to be so simple that I could have kicked myself for not thinking of it earlier, because all I needed to do was downgrade my phone back to the previous version of Android and re-root it, then find a way to protect my root priveleges so they wouldn’t be taken away again when I upgraded back to the current software.

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